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Free online casino card games: types and rules

All fans of card games can now not visit the casino. To do this, it is enough to have a device with Internet access. A huge number of free online casino card games are now available on your Andriod gadget or PC.

Types of card games in online casino

Let’s look at the main types of free casino card games online and their basic rules and opportunities they offer.


Video poker is a unique casino game combining the features of slot machines and table poker. Despite the existence of dozens of varieties of the game, the general provisions of the rules remain unchanged for all slot models. We highlight the most basic points:

  • The player makes a bet and receives five cards that are displayed on the screen;
  • The goal is to collect one of the poker combinations indicated in the attached table;
  • It is allowed to change up to five cards once for free;
  • If there is a combination in the cards, he gets payment;
  • A doubling game is usually available in which you can try to increase credits.

Some versions use jokers, special combinations are provided, bonus payments are possible, or progressive jackpots are played.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in offline and online casinos around the world. Its many fans are not afraid of even the relative complexity of the rules and the need to learn a basic strategy to achieve better results.

To achieve maximum results in a blackjack card game in a casino, a beginner should adhere to some tips.

  • A thorough study of all the subtleties of the rules;
  • Master the theory and learn to put into practice the basic strategy;
  • Find the most profitable blackjack games with a suitable betting range;
  • Choose the optimal strategy that is most appropriate for the rules of the selected game;
  • First, an exercise in the training mode for fun;
  • Learn how to manage a bankroll.

Professional players also count cards, track aces in decks and apply other tricks with which they gain mathematical superiority over the free online casino and card games.


Baccarat was an elite game of all wealthy aristocrats. It was exclusive entertainment in expensive casinos, where huge money was at stake. With the introduction of online gambling, baccarat gain popularity as a public entertainment. Any casino can offer this online casino card games free where you can choose a table with a suitable bet range.

The gambling process consists of several steps:

  • The client bets on the victory of a banker, other player or a draw;
  • The dealer deals only two cards to the gambler;
  • Scoring determines the total winning hand, or a draw is declared;
  • If the player has guessed the outcome of the draw, he will win the amount according to established coefficients.

Thus, the online gameplay in baccarat is easy due to automation and does not require your active participation.

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