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Popular casino roulette: just one step from a wheel spin to big wins

Most players in the world have long recognized the fact that roulette is the most sought after game of numerous online casinos. Therefore, casino roulette, with its exciting entertainment, thrill and fairly understandable rules, is considered to be the decoration of any gaming portal. It is not surprising that every self-respecting player really wants to fully understand all the rules of this amazing game and learn how to win the casino.

High-quality software for the best online roulette casino is usually supplied by renowned providers such as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, Nyx, Openbet, IGT and Williams Interactive, which are licensed and guarantee operators and users complete security of their personal and financial information.

Since there is currently a huge amount of casino roulette on the pages of the world wide web, there is a risk of getting to a fraudulent portal. To avoid this, you must be able to choose the right casino game online roulette with live dealers or a virtual game that works on the principle of a random number generator. Before starting the game, all players are advised to:

  • thoroughly study the betting options and restrictions for a particular roulette table. It is allowed to bet on single numbers, numbers located side by side, on a whole series of numbers, color, odd or even;
  • learn about the internal casino roulette bets, which are made on numbers from 1 to 36, as well as on zero;
  • get information about external rates for color, odd or even, for small numbers (less than 18) or large (from 19 to 36), or for dozens and columns.

Having understood these concepts, the participant of the game will navigate easily and make the right decisions.

Casino roulette rules and strategies used

Like any other gambling entertainment, online roulette game has its own special rules, having studied which the player gains significant advantages. Special elements of the roulette table are a wheel, a ball, a betting table and game chips, and a lively croupier is also present in the live version of the game. The main task of the player is to correctly choose the sector number where the ball can stop. Bets are placed against the casino. Here’s how the game process goes:

  1. The chip is placed in the sector defined by the participant of the game (a bet is made).
  2. After that, the wheel starts in one direction, and the ball rushes in the opposite direction.
  3. While the ball is moving, a bet can be changed by moving the chips to the dealer’s command: “There are no more bets”.
  4. After the ball stops, a special marker is set in the playing field to the winning number.
  5. Further, the dealer or the casino roulette program collects all the losers and the winnings are paid out to the lucky ones.

This sequence of actions is a good clue for visitors to playgrounds, but the casino roulette strategy is of great importance in this entertainment:

  1. Martingale’s strategy is based on doubling lost bets until full wagering.
  2. Martingale’s reverse strategy involves doubling bets after winning, and ending them after a failure.
  3. According to the D’Alembert strategy, it is necessary to repeat the bet (red / black, less / more and even / odd) after winning, and if it fails, double it.
  4. The reverse D’Alembert strategy forces you to double your bet if you win, and if you lose, to lower it.
  5. There are also more complex strategies of Fibonacci, Labouchere, Oscar’s Grind, Paroli, Cover The Table and Flat Betting, which depend on some mathematical calculations.

Having gained the necessary skills and experience, players apply their personal strategy to improve their chances of winning. Just by leaving everything to chance, the user dooms himself to constant failure.

A variety of popular roulette and its features

Being a very popular entertainment, online roulette game offers users the following relevant varieties:

  • an exciting European roulette, the peculiarity of which is the fact that there are numbers from 1 to 36 or zero, in which all other bets lose;
  • a characteristic feature of the American roulette strategy are numbers from 1 to 36, plus zero and double zero, which makes this game more problematic for players;
  • French roulette upon loss of zero offers users some compensation (half the rate);
  • there are also zero-free roulettes and an HD game reminiscent of the rules of the European version.

Clients of casino roulette are left with choosing their preferred type of entertainment and applying their personal strategy to constantly receive moral satisfaction from the game with a significant financial profit.

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